Giovedì manderemo in onda l'intervista che abbiamo fatto con Chuck Sperry e Ron Donovan alla MilanoPosterExplosion e faremo un intervista con Malleus:



Questa sera non siamo andati in onda. Non dipende da noi e purtroppo non abbiamo potuto farci niente, comunque l'intervista ai WithLove la faremo in una delle prossime puntate, prima che la trasmissione finisca per l'estate. Scusate.


Giovedì sera ci sarà un intervista con Nico dei WithLove, che il giorno dopo presenterà il video "A Great Circle" alla Fabrica (Catena di Villorba, TV) la cui colonna sonora è il nuovo disco dei WithLove. La proiezione sarà aperta a tutti e inizierà alle 1800. Quella che vedete è anche la copertina del nuovo disco dei WithLove che uscirà per la GSL in autunno.

Photo from greenrecords.net

www.withlove.org - coming soon
www.goldstandardlabs.com - GSL
www.heroine.org - heroine records
www.greenrecords.net - green records
http://www.fabrica.it/news.php?id=45 - info sulla presentazione


Poster by Firehouse - MilanoPosterExplosion Poster

Ieri allaMilanoPosterExplosion abbiamo fatto un'intervista a Chuck Sperry e Ron Donovan - Firehouse, e la manderemo presto in trasmissione. Purtroppo non siamo riusciti ad fare un' intervista con Malleus, che speriamo di avere ospiti in una delle prossime puntate. La MilanoPosterExplosion è stata veramente bella, comunque ecco qualche link per vedere i poster dei Firehouse e di Malleus:

www.firehouseposters.com - firehouse
www.malleusdelic.com - malleus
www.gigposters.com - archivio di poster

Su idontcare! trovate un report della mostra, a cui speriamo di dedicare una puntata già la prossima settimana:



Photo by Giorgia Malatrasi @ PunkAgainstFascism, PaciPaciana - Bergamo.

Ringraziamo Michele dei LaQuiete per essere stato così gentile e disponibile in queste due settimane sia con noi che con il telefono. Come ci ha detto quest'estate i LaQuiete faranno la data del SummerSlam...se dovessero aggiornamenti lo scriveremo anche qui.Cercate i loro dischi in giro\andate a vederli dal vivo.


With love – dear mr ceiling – tuoni fulmini e saette – heroine records 2004

Circle takes the square – crow quill – as the roots undo 2004

Paint the town red - beauty in despair – pt. II: home is where the hate is

Jello biafra + melvins – plethysmograph – never breathe what you cant see – ipecac 2004

Nation of Ulysses - look out! Soul is back – 13pointprogramtodestroyAmerica – dischord 1991

Hot snakes – no hands – peel sessions – swami 2005
Pleasure forever – wicked shivering columbine – alter – sub pop 2003
Love in elevator – white queen – jestrai records 2005
Sleater Kinney – entertain – entertain ep 7’’\the woods – sub pop 2005
La quiete – metempsicosi del fine ultimo – la fine non è la fine – heroine records 2004
La quiete - cosmonauta Gagarin non voltarti indietro – spit\Louise Cyphre – eletric human project 2005

Come detto cercheremo di fare un intervista con gli Isis e con Malleus e altri alla MilanoPosterExplosion, e la prossima settimana intervisteremo i With Love. Stiamo per chiudere per l'estate ma speriamo non del tutto.

Stay tuned?


Domani riproviamo a fare l'intervista con i LaQuiete, sperando che il telefono funzioni, e vi parleremo anche della MilanoPosterExplosion, organizzata da idontcare!, che inizia Venerdì e va avanti fino a Domenica.Tra un mese dirtywaves va in vacanza.



Interview with Shelby Cinca

Over the years Shelby Cinca has expressed himself in multiple ways: he's been a musician in Frodus, Decahedron and The Cassettes, he's recorded bands like Dead Meadow and others and designed artwork for many records and websites... You can find a record of his work at www.themindcontrol.com . Right now he's about to go on tour with Decahedron, his latest project.We hope that you'll like this interview and we wish him the best of luck for the future.

1.Over the years you’ve been involved in the music process all round, being in a (exceptional) band, Frodus, recording records of other bands (like Dead Meadow), doing artwork and websites both for your and other bands, how has this experience as a whole been so far? What was it like to start over with Decahedron?

The experience has been overall positive. I have been able to work visually and sonically with artists to help them achieve what they want to do. The greatest part of it is that it has been a learning experience and expanded my creative vocabulary and given me fresh perspectives. Working with other artists have also in turn helped me refine what i want to do with music/art.

It was difficult in some respects starting over with Decahedron as when you do a new musical project you are pretty much starting from the very bottom re-introducing yourself to a new crowd of music goers. On the other hand it was creatively very inspiring to start over with something fresh, exploring new ideas, and working with Joe Lally for Disconnection_Imminent. I have to say I am happy that Frodus ended because we probably wouldn't have ended up writing a record with Joe, which was a real great experience playing with someone we respect who brings a different approach to writing music, etc..

2. When you started to play music, did you have the perception it was something you’d eventually wanted to be involved in for such a long time?

I had a feeling it was. Though at times I feel like it is a sickness where you have to always create and create. You release and create songs and then begin on new ones. An endless process of expelling and creating. It's like a bodily process... you make food, eat it, and then you release it again, then repeat.

3.Right now your new ep with Decahedron is being published, how was it to work on it? Do you feel, since you started the band, that there has been an evolution?

Definitely. The album was us kind of finding a sound and thing that we do. The EP has been a continuation and is heading more towards an 'electronic music' approach of composing music with real instruments. It is about a few parts that constantly loop and things playing over each other and complex rhythms.

4.You also have another project, The Cassettes, I’ve read you’re about to publish a new full length, when hearing The Cassettes I always thought it was interesting to hear yet another side of your musical production, how has it been as an experience to play\record\tour with The Cassettes?

The Cassettes is a big stream of consciousness where we create little moody worlds that focus on dreams and childhood. It's a totally different approach than Decahedron. In a way The Cassettes is maybe Decahedron therapy and Decahedron is modern-life therapy.

Playing and touring with The Cassettes is amazing, it has a very different dynamic within the band and thus it reflects in the music.

The Cassettes is organic and escapist.

5.In all of your lyrics, especially with Decahedron, it seems you have chosen a very clear register to expose your views on things – I feel this is very important right now, in the difficult times we’re going through – how have listeners reacted to the message you’re trying to put into your music? What do you focus on when writing lyrics?

People have generally been positive. Of course we meet people that do not agree and some have engaged us in conversation. But I just say it is our take on things and how we are expressing ourselves with the forum of music. We definitely purposefully take a more radical stance through our music and imagery because the more radical you are the more people will listen. It is a very common media tactic that we use to get our ideas out. Being subtle is more difficult to pull off in the information age if you have a very specific message and want to get as many people exposed to it whether it is a positive or negative reaction. Though it's all relevant to how we feel at the time, i don't know if our imagery and approach will always be so apparent on future records. It's just in these current times we were moved to do things in such a way. When writing lyrics, we write about our perception of life around us... that involves our geographic location and how we are effected by events in and around it. The focus can change... where Frodus was more about a possible "dark-future", Decahedron is more about the present.

6.I see you have some live shows in the US ahead of you, as Decahedron is concerned, are you thinking to make a trip overseas with them and play shows here in Europe?

I would love to tour Europe as it's my favorite place to tour! At the moment we are just slowly planning things and seeing how the rest of our lives occupations pan out to accommodate that.

7.Since you’ve been involved in independent music\art\communication for quite some time now how do you feel it’s changed over the years?

I think underground music has definitely become more of a marketed entity now. The politics and forward-thinking of punk has shrank a bit to a vague ideology and kids just look online to find out about shows and go as a stylistic decision opposed to a 'solace from the world amongst ideologically like minded people' decision. In some ways it is good as it has broadened the audience, in other ways it is sad as it has brought the beginning of the end of the independent record store in america, etc.. it's all just very different times and things are constantly changing more and more with the emergence of online social networks and what not. I'm not quite sure where things will end up but we are all... musicians, fans, artists, etc.. all trying to adapt within this structure and make it work so that we can continue to create and have an audience. One thing I do like is that there is more communication between artists and their fans and the myths of "rock stars" and stupid things like that are starting to fade.

8.How did you get involved with the Buddyhead Mp3 weblog? Is it something you plan to keep on doing in the future? How is\was working in a record store, like I read you have been doing?

I have known Travis and Aaron from Buddyhead for around 5 years from them initially liking Frodus. They have always asked me to write for their magazine and finally after they launched the mp3 blog it seemed like the easiest and most interesting way to contribute. In a way it is like me working at a record store as I gave suggestions when I had that job, I am doing it again through a digital medium. Working in a record store was the best job i had in my whole life. I worked there for 5 years and it was great seeing how it was a cultural hub for music lovers and musicians right outside the DC area! Extremely inspiring. It was also sad when it closed as it a way it was run out by larger chain stores opening in the area and simply the store running it's course of being around for almost 20 years! The personal interactions and the atmosphere of the record store felt like a coffee shop in some ways, so that leads me to believe that when I am older I will probably run a coffee shop in Sweden or somewhere in Europe!

Interview with Steve Kille - Dead Meadow


Dead Meadow have been together for a few years now, they've published one great record after the other, before on Joe Lally's Tolotta records and now on Matador. Their new album Feathers came out a few months ago and we sent a few questions to Steve Kille.Here are his answers.

1.I remember the first time I heard DeadMeadow I was immediately hooked: the things that came to my mind were so diverse from what I listened in the majority of other bands; there was a different kind of urgency in DM…When you started the band was the direction you took clear to you or was it a natural evolution?

Steve.I think it was clear that we wanted to do something different then what was going on around us. Maybe an anti-DC DC band. Not that what was going on there wasn't cool or viable but it was a chance to have our own musical experience. Once the initial sound was set in motion it of course like all bands it developed and began to represent all the different sounds we were picking up and getting into.

2.I’ve always felt that both in your music and in your lyrics the narrative component was a big part – it’s so difficult for a band to accomplish this and you have since your very first record – how do you think DM has accomplished to create such a distinctive feel?

Steve. I think we have always been fan of song oriented bands. The Stones rocked and made beautiful music but if you listen to vocals it becomes amazing. If a band can't capture all elements it is not a very good band. I am sorry, but to my ear you need to be strong in all areas to be solid. Of course music can be minimal but it needs to be right.. it needs the secret soulful part... decent lyrical content helps move it along.

3.Feathers is, in my opinion, a different record from Shivering Kings & Others; I feel that both in the structure and the sound there have been some changes, did this happen unconsciously between all of you? And having a new band member has helped you along this line?

Steve. I think it was pretty conscious decision to go about this new record differently. I don't think it is good to try to redo what we have already done so where SK was a record we wrote in the studio we wanted to make Feathers more of tight and worked out sound. Having more people to bounce off ideas with and more importantly be able to perform the music live in the studio helped a bunch to keep the tightness and live feel. It is even more interesting to me hearing some SK songs on live tapes we make from shows. They are so different and closer to what is happening on Feathers but then maybe that isn't right to the audience since they are familiar with the recorded material.

4.How have things been working with Matador, since this is your second record with them, are you happy the way things are going? Have you ever felt the need to start your own label or maybe start recording\producing other musicians music?

Steve. Matador has been great. Things can always be better, but that is the music industry. It is a hard business from the major down to the kid putting out his friend's band in his basement.. There is a ton of work to do.

Recently I have been producing some bands.. the Child Ballads who are exJonathan Fireeater... amazing stuff.

5.How does the writing process work for you? Do you stumble on ideas while jamming or does each band member bring in his ideas to work on? Did you have all the songs ready before entering the studio to record Feathers or did some writing take place while recording?

Steve. Basically we do create a bunch of the initial ideas during jamming and then take them to the next level by tweaking out sitting around the practice space debating different options. Of course there is some material the individual members bring in and that also goes through the process. Where Shvering King was a work in progress most of the Feathers songs we worked out in demos before going into a studio.

6.As a listener I’ve always wondered what kind of records you felt like inspiring to make music – and aside from the obvious influences that come across in your music – what bands are you into right now?

Steve.We have been digging a bunch of hiphop, old Wutang. I have been enjoying Super Furry Animals a lot recently... We are sort of record collectors at heart. anything goes.

7.How was it do start DM in Washington DC, and now that a few years have passed how do you feel people have reacted to your music in the place you live? Have you – as a person or as a band - ever considered moving somewhere else or are you happy about living in Washington DC?

Steve.Well I think the scene has lightened up a bit over the years. Probably the whole music scene everywhere in the states is a little more laid back now from New York to LA. When we started there was sort of a pretension that ran through a bunch of punk rock. I guess what was once this "real" scene was replaced by college punk kids trying to protect their cool level by hiding behind name dropping hip movies and books, I am guilty of that too. I think now in the circular nature of humanity the DC experience and probably of most places I have been seem more natural and toned down. Maybe people are enjoying life a little more? I prefer it that way... though at the moment I live in New York city DC is still a beautiful and amazing place... probably the prettiest city on the east coast.

8.I think you’re about to go on a full Us tour, are you looking forward to it? Did you record anything that didn’t end up on Feathers that you might want to release in the future, maybe as an ep? Do you already have new material on witch you are working on?

Steve. We actually just finished the tour and it was a great experience. Lots of inspiring shows and new friends. Certainly was a boost for future gigs. As for new material and I think we are always working on new material. We are fairly serious about it and have a bunch of recording gear to keep the songs flowing... so hopefully there will be not only a single but maybe a new record around the corner.

Thank you very much Steve for having this interview with us.




Tra un po' - insieme alle interviste a Arlie Carstens (Juno\Ghost Wars) e a Shelby Cinca (Decahedron\The Cassettes) - troverete sul sito un intervista con Steve Kille, bassista dei Dead Meadow. Comunque se non li conoscete già:

www.deadmeadow.com - sito dei dead meadow
www.myspace.com/deadmeadow - dead meadow su myspace
www.matadorrecords.com - matador records


Questa sera al Bloom - Mezzago - ci sono i NewIdeaSociety (Stephen Brodsky, Cave In Mike Law, Eulcid Santos Montano, Old Man Gloom). Hanno appena pubblicato il loro primo disco, Are you awake or asleep per la Magic Bullet (us) e la Trans Solar Records (europa).

Domani sera suoneranno a Pinarella di Cervia al Rockplanet + Seed'n'Feed.
Direzioni per il Bloom:
Da Milano: tangenziale est direzione USMATE - VELATE, uscita VIMERCATESUD direzione TREZZO D'ADDA. Svolta alla rotonda dove MEZZAGO e' indicata a SINISTRA. Passa due rotonde ed al primo stop gira a sinistra.Segui la strada per 500 metri circa.

www.newideasociety.com - sito dei NewIdeaSociety
www.myspace.com/newideasociety - NewIdeaSociety su myspace
Ieri sera vi abbiamo parlato della mostra che ci sarà al leoncavallo il 19.20.21 maggio, MilanoPosterExplosion. Trovate la presentazione alla mostra sul blog Idontcare! questo è il poster:

Durante le prime due serate ci saranno anche due concerti, domenica invece dj set.
venerdì 19 LaParForce + Altro
sabato 20 LittleAxe

http://idontcare!.blogspot.com - Idontcare! blog


Ci scusiamo con chiunque avesse ascoltato la trasmissione (?) per sentire l'intervista con i LaQuiete, ma il telefono - saldato - al mixer era stato staccato per cui non abbiamo potuto mandare in onda Michele. Speriamo di potervi far ascoltare l'intervista settimana prossima se il telefono verrà riattaccato.
Scusateci ancora

your enemies friends – back of a taxi – you are being videotaped – buddyhead 2004

decahedron – delete false culture – disconnection imminent – lovitt records 2004

girls against boys – bff – you can’t fight what you can’t see – jade tree 2002

the icarus line – I’m loosing touch with my mind (spaceman3 cover) – gimme skelter comp. – buddyhead 2004

Mc5 – kick out the jams – kick out the jams – Elektra 1968

Sonic youth – teenage riot – daydream nation – dgc 1988

My bloody valentine – only shallow – loveless – sire 1991

La Quiete – ciò che non siamo ciò che non vogliamo – la fine non è la fine – heroine records

La Quiete - la fine non è la fine – la fine non è la fine – heroine records

juno - when I was in _______ - a future lived in past tense – Desoto 2001


E' confermata per domani l'intervista con i LaQuiete, ascolteremo anche un paio di loro pezzi durante l'intervista.
Questa la tracklist:

your enemies friends – back of a taxi – you are being videotaped – buddyhead 2004

decahedron – delete false culture – disconnection imminent – lovitt records 2004

girls against boys – bff – you can’t fight what you can’t see – jade tree 2002

the icarus line – I’m loosing touch with my mind (spaceman3 cover) – gimme skelter comp. – buddyhead 2004

Mc5 – kick out the jams – kick out the jams – Elektra 1968

Sonic youth – teenage riot – daydream nation – dgc 1988

My bloody valentine – only shallow – loveless – sire 1991

juno - when I was in _______ - a future lived in past tense – Desoto 2001

Stay tuned?

Speriamo di confermare domani l'intervista con i LaQuiete - intanto potete fare un giro sul loro sito\ascoltarli se ancora non li avete sentiti.

Photo by Maria @ Summerslam 2004 - laquiete.org
I LaQuiete hanno pubblicato diversi 7'' con altri gruppi e La Fine non è la Fine uscito in cd per la Heroine records e in lp per la React with Protest. L'ultimo disco che hanno pubblicato è uno split 10''\cd con i tedeschi Louise Cyphre per la EletricHumanProject; alcuni di loro suonano nei TheDeathofAnnaKarina e nei Raein.
Speriamo di riuscire ad averli ospiti giovedì sera.

www.laquiete.org - sito dei LaQuiete
www.myspace.com/laquiete - LaQuiete su myspace

www.heroine.org - Heroine Records
www.reactwithprotest.org - React with Protest
www.electrichumanproject.com - Electric Human Project

www.thedeathofannakarina.com - TheDeathofAnnaKarina
www.raein.it - Raein


Avremo presto sul sito un intervista con Shelby Cinca dei Decahedron\The Cassettes.

Shelby Cinca ha fatto parte anche dei Frodus di cui era il cantante\chitarrista, che si sono sciolti con la pubblicazione di ...And we washed our weapons in the sea. I Decahedron hanno pubblicato due ep e un lp, Disconnection Imminent per la Lovitt Records.
Ha anche registrato i primi due dischi dei Dead Meadow e curato le grafiche di numerosi altri.

www.themindcontrol.com - sito che raccoglie tutti i suoi progetti
www.decahedron.net - la sua nuova band con Jason Hamacher (ex Frodus) www.lovitt.com - etichetta dei Decahedron
www.thecassettes.com - altro progetto di Shelby Cinca

www.frodus.com - sito ufficiale dei Frodus


Ringraziamo infinitamente Mayo per l'intervista di questa sera...
I LaCrisi faranno ancora qualche data prima di partire per gli statiuniti, eccole:

21/05/2005 - Perugia @ Csa Ex Mattatoio w\ Strength Approach, Ingegno, The Miracle, Any Good Reason, Last Caress, In The Distance
04/06/2005 - Milano @ C.S.A. Vittoria w\ Minnies, Kafka, Miles Apart

Queste invece sono [per ora] le loro date americane:

17/08/2005 - Cambridge MA (USA) @ Elks Lodge w\ Ingegno, Concrete Facelift
18/08/2005 - Albany NY (USA) @ (tbc) w\ Ingegno
19/08/2005 - Providence RI (USA) @ AS 220 w\ Ingegno, Concrete Facelift
20/08/2005 - New York NY (USA) @ ABC-No Rio (tbc) w\ Ingegno
21/08/2005 - Rochester NY (USA) @ (tbc) w\ Ingegno
23/08/2005 - Detroit MI (USA) @ (tbc) w\ Ingegno
25/08/2005 - Pittsburg PA (USA) @ The Roboto Project w\ Ingegno
26/08/2005 - Fredericksburg VA @ (tbc) w\ Ingegno
27/08/2005 - Baltimore MD (USA) @ Sidebar Tavern w\ Ingegno, Fighting Chance, InMyWay
28/08/2005 - Richmond VA (USA) @ (tbc) w\ Ingegno
29/08/2005 - Lemoyne PA (USA) @ Champion Ship w\ Ingegno
30/08/2005 - Binghamton NY (USA) @ The Idiot House w\ Ingegno

and if by any chance there's someone of you who lives in the states be sure not to miss LaCrisi when they head overseas this summer, they're an incredible band and put on an amazing live show.

Questa la playlist di questa sera:

pixies – wave of mutilation – Doolittle – 4ad\elektra 1989
Husker du – something I learned today – zen arcade – sst records 1983
la quiete – la fine non è la fine – la fine non è la fine – heroine records
death of anna karina – themes & variations about the end of the usa –split – lifeofhate\mashnote 2003
jr ewing – pre summertime blues – ride paranoia – gsl 2003
at the drive in – initiation (lamaq version) – invalidlitdep. Single – 2001
murder city devils – I want a lot now (so come on) – empty bottles, broken hearts – subpop 1998

la crisi - proiezione ricorrente (di uno squarcio di possibile futuro) - s\t - hurryup records 2005
la crisi - il dolore dell’attesa - s\t - hurryup records 2005

Putroppo da questa sera la trasmissione finirà sempre mezz'ora prima, quindi sarà dalle 2100 alle 2200.
Non c'è stato modo di fare altrimenti, comunque vedremo se riusciremo a farla iniziare prima in modo da recuperare un po' di tempo...Al di là di tutto vorremmo ringraziare tutti le persone che siamo riusciti a intervistare: siamo felici di avervi ospitato a dirtywaves.
Stay tuned?

www.lacrisi.com - www.hurryuprecs.com


Interview with Robin Laananen

Come promesso ecco l'intervista con la fotografa RobinLaananen, il suo sito è www.redhedpictures.com - fateci un giro. In questi anni ha fotografato più gruppi di quanti riesca a pensare, ha curato il layout di dischi per i TheseArmsAreSnakes e i MurderCityDevils, questa è la sua intervista:

Photo by Robin Laananen - redhed pictures

1.When you started to make photographs did you imagine so much of your work would be on music? No, I had no idea that I would end up shooting things music. I knew I loved photography and went to shows, eventually I couldn’t go to a show without being front and center with my camera. I tried a few times...I didn’t know what to do with my hands, and I’d leave feeling like I was missing something.

2. What is your choice between digital & traditional cameras, if you have one – or do you use both indifferently?

All the cameras I own are film cameras, I have yet to make the digital purchase. I love film, I use certain films for specific results and never rely on my computer for alterations. Digital has it’s place, but I think, at least at this point, that it encourages people to be lazy. It’s so bad to be at a show, watch a photographer shoot, and the whole time they’re looking at the display after every shot. Ugh. It feels like they’re missing the whole picture...yeah, no pun intended. Shooting digitally can make it easy for someone to shoot knowing they can make corrections later....cheating.

3. How many tours have you been on as a photographer? How as this experience been as whole(between good and bad times)?

I had always been curious about the road and the sacrifices made to get there... so it just happened. I ended up on my first one after a liquor-fueled conversation with a friend of mine who was leaving for tour.

I’ve been on 6 tours as a photographer, most of which I was selling merch too, to claim a seat in the van. I love touring. Even the shitty times ~ when you’ve been driving for hours, haven’t showered in a couple days, starving and wearing dirty socks ~ it’s all part of the experience. And the shitty times gives you material to laugh about later... sometimes much, much later. The part that makes me most happy is photographing the more candid times, being trusted with all moments.

It’s helped me for when I’m home too, taking photos for music publications. I definitely understand when a band doesn’t want to be at a shoot, so I do my best to make it short and painless for the most part.

All this talk about tour....know anyone leaving soon?

4. Is it easy to start\keep on working for a music publications - having to move into a city like Seattle - or was it easy?

I had no idea why I was moving to Seattle except that my brother was there, the music scene seemed alive, and the few people I had met during a visit were doing interesting things. Now that I’ve lived here for a few years, I do realize how amazing this city can be at times. It’s a big city but still small. Nearly everyone I know has their hands in a number of projects, and the music community is very supportive of each other. Music photography will always be competitive no matter where you live, you just have to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. LA or New York would be the only other choices for a move...

5. What do you think is important in taking pictures of bands playing live?

Shooting a band live as though it’s for anyone who couldn’t make it to the show, make it so people can feel like they were there by looking at the photos. Look through the lens. Take photos that almost provide the “soundtrack” (a ”visualtrack” i guess) to a band.. If it’s high action, shoot high action, but if its a band like Godspeed You Black Emporer!, well then go with more moody, don’t try to shoot something that’s not there, that doesn’t fit the band... I don’t know if that makes sense.

6. Right now which bands do you feel are really exiting to watch live - which bands are you into right now? Exciting to watch live? The bands who are still around that come to mind ~ The Blood Brothers, Death From Above 1979, These Arms Are Snakes, The Locust, Chinese Stars, Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Bloc Party, The Faint.... hmmm, there’s more... The bands I listed seem to play their best show nearly every night. No half-assing. I like more mellow stuff too like Calexico, Blonde Redhead, Radiohead (which I’ve always enjoyed live too), Ratatat, Dios, Explosions In The Sky, Massive Attack, Sade, the Zombies, the VSS, the Arcade Fire, ... I could go on forever really.

7. How big is your archive of live shows pictures? Have you ever thought about making a selection and publishing a book - something that would document your work ?

I have millions of photos. More portraits then live these days. And I would definitely like to put a book together, got plans in the works...

Thank you Robin for having this interview - www.redhedpictures.com

Domani intervista con i Mayo dei LaCrisi...la playlist è qui sotto, in più sentiremo un paio di canzoni dal loro nuovo disco, uscito con la hurryup records.
Queste sono le prossime date dei LaCrisi:

20/05/2005 - Roma @ Sonica Pub w\
21/05/2005 - Perugia @ Csa Ex Mattatoio w\ Strength Approach, Ingegno, The Miracle, Any Good Reason, Last Caress, In The Distance
04/06/2005 - Milano @ C.S.A. Vittoria w\ Minnies, Kafka, Miles Apart

www.lacrisi.com - www.hurryuprecs.com


Il PunkAgainstFascism al PaciPaciana sabato sera è stato bello, ne abbiamo approfittato per chiedere un intervista ai LaQuiete per giovedì prossimo.

In radio - dovrebbe - essere tutto a posto, comunque questa era la scaletta di giovedì che non è andata in onda...quella della prossima puntata sarà più o meno questa, vi faremo ascoltare i LaCrisi durante l'intervista con Mayo.

pixies – wave of mutilation – Doolittle – 4ad\elektra 1989
Husker du – something I learned today – zen arcade – sst records 1983
la quiete – la fine non è la fine – la fine non è la fine – heroine records
death of anna karina – themes & variations about the end of the usa – lifeofhate - 2003

jr ewing – pre summertime blues – ride paranoia – gsl 2003
at the drive in – initiation (lamaq version) – invalidlitdep. Single – 2001
murder city devils – I want a lot now – empty bottles, broken hearts – subpop 1998
your enemies friends – back of a taxi – you are being videotaped – buddyhead 2004
decahedron – delete false culture – disconnection imminent – lovitt records 2004
engine down – demure – demure – lovitt
girls against boys – bff – you can’t fight what you can’t see – jade tree 2002
the icarus line – I’m loosing touch with my mind – gimme skelter – buddyhead 2004
Mc5 – kick out the jams – kick out the jams – Elektra 1968
Sonic youth – teenage riot – daydream nation – dgc 1988
My bloody valentine – only shallow – loveless – sire 1991
juno - when I was in _______ - a future lived in past tense – Desoto 2001

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