Domani è domenica, ma è una domenica con un concerto!

Violent Breakfast (toscana)
Khere (toscana)
M.a.s.t.i.c. (tutti al plastic?)

@ Dauntaun, Leoncavallo
via Watteau 7 - Milano
inizio ore 2230 (più o meno)
per raggiungere dauntaun:
mm2 gioia + autobus 43


dirtywaves 3.24

viole copilot, again!

1.refused - liberation frequency
2.ghost mice - boy meets girl
3.khere - goddamn!
4.violent breakfast - it was an apple
5.contrasto - nuovo cieco limite
6.mihai endrisch - et pourtant
7.inferno - radiator #4
8.avail - order
9. daitro - trois murs pour la salle de torture
10.small brown bike - see you in hell
11.icaro - man process of mechanization
12.ampere - new forms
13.new mexican disaster squad - you're incorrect


Dato che ieri si aggiungeva uno (23 + 1 = 24!) è il momento di fare due calcoli (o forse no...).
Abbiamo fatto 23 puntate e 10 interviste - ne manca ancora qualcuna, mancano un paio di set acustici di cui si parlerà a maggio (però li facciamo, giuro!).
In mezzo a tutto quello che manca, sta iniziando a mancare anche il soffitto!
Teoricamente si finirà a fine giugno, il che vuol dire che quasi sicuramente andremo avanti anche a luglio, dato che saremo comuque qui.
Magari ci sarà un altro benefit prima dell'estate.
Manca poco, eppure sembra tantissimo - di sicuro è tanto il tempo che è passato, da novembre a oggi.

seasons va avanti, davvero!

Giovedì 27 Aprile
Gogogo! Airheart - da San Diego su GSL
Intelligence - rock'n'roll su In The Red
Icaro - ultimo concerto

is on at:
Dauntaun, cs Leoncavallo
via Watteau 7 - Milano
mm2 gioia - autobus 43
inizio 2230
ingresso 5 euro


dirtywaves 3.23

refused - liberation frequency
santantonio - amaro finale
sprinzi - forthcoming remix
sprinzi - beside
junius - hiding knifes
cursive - making friends and aquaitances
with love - (an extract from) a great circle
wow, owls! - let's get the fuck out of raccon city
the rituals - clean
go down moses! - all
langhorne slim - she don't want
(explosions in the sky - snow & lights)

a near miss or a close call?



dirtywaves 3.22

refused - liberation frequency
juno - magnified & reduced by inches
against me! - I still love you julie!
daylight seven times - lucky
gi joe - hey camionero
a day in black & white - new energy
disengage - ?
jawbreaker - accident prone
fugazi - full disclosure
sufjan stevens - concerning the Ufo sighting...
botch - to our friends in the great white north

juno - magnified & reduced by inches

Blast it you can’t outlast it
And if you ever got what you asked for
You’d never be able to have it
Run run run run run run
I can’t run past this
You can only wrench yourself free
If I swallow the abuse you give me
If I suck it up
I’ll keep coming back for more
Until the glamour is over
And your ghost has lost its way
Into my dreams
But none of this is lost on you
The irony I mean?
The bully plays the fool
And I don’t know what to do
But seemingly you’ve an excuse for everything
Isn’t that how it goes?
How to clean the blood out of the sheets
How to get the stain of you out of me
First time last time come again

I’ll be right behind
If I am I promise I wont miss
But if I hit the target do I get my wish?
Well if you drive me in both feet first
You have to want to swim
But if your heart’s not in it
Why put me through it again?
You saved yourself by making me pay
For the mistakes we both have made
I never wanted this to be a contest
And I never wanted to win
It didn’t make me laugh the first time
If this is your idea of a joke
I don’t want it
If you eat your words I hope we both fucking
How to clean the blood out of the sheets
How to get the stain of you out of me
First time, last time come again
I’ll be right behind I’ll be right behind
Hope against hope. Yes I will. No I wont.

Hope against hope. Yes I will. No I wont.




dirtywaves 3.21 (treeventuno)

refused - liberation frequency
texas is the reason - if it's there when we get back it's ours
the yellow press - sixes & sevens
husker du - if I told you
the draft - bordering
haram - fade away
la quiete - greyskull
city of caterpillar - ghosts and shadows passing...
that fucking tank - making metal for breakfast
drop the I - pretty motherfucker
from monument to masses - the quiet before
the van pelt - the good, the bad & the blind


(Viole) - Dauntaun, Leoncavallo.

Programmazione di Dauntaun, Leoncavallo per Aprile\Maggio:
mer. 12/04 That Fucking Tank + Drop The I
mar. 18/04 Antillectual + Daylight Seven Times
gio. 27/04 Gogogo Airheart + special guest
dom. 30/04 Violent Breakfast + Khere + Mastic
gio. 04/05 Tim Barry (Avail) + La Par Force
ven. 19/05 Impact + Rft + Eu's Arse

Dauntaun, Leoncavallo
via Watteau, 7
mm2 gioia + bus 43

(Angelino - amiam.org)

Red Cars Go Faster Records tour update:

THE YELLOW PRESS (san francisco - california - ex torches to rome)
07.04v @ bencivenga, roma
08.04s @ buridda, genova
09.04d @ ekidna, san martino secchia (carpi-modena) - festival pomeridiano

05.05v@ madeleine, genova
06.05s@ mellow mood, bergamo
07.05d@ atlantide, bologna
08.05 @ rashmoon, roma

17.05 @ zero music club, bergamo w/ minnie’s

08.04s@ mellow mood, bergamo

Red Cars Go Faster