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Sometimes you feel real old, older than you are. Check your aches and pains, the hairline, the demands of life. Responsabilities, responsabilities. Worse things have happened to all of us; the circus wasn’t as good as you thought it would be, the movie stunk, etc...Punching the clock, punching the wall, hating your boss. You can’t go if you don’t know, and you can’t know if you don’t go. And everybody in the world has their own song in their hands. The best song ever. Problem is figuring a way to get them out and present them to others. You’ve got to know where the brakes are. Enjoy your life at a realistic pace. You crazy youngsters, what with your nightlife and everything. And it’s important to trust other people, while putting stock in yourself as well. Reevaluating your priorities, checking yourself daily. Not everybody is a victim of circumstance; conversely, nobody should feel like a martyr all the time. Problem? It’s hard enough to communicate these days; some of us don’t even get the chance. Some others don’t know they have a chance. When you travel frequently, you find a lot of images. And sometimes, you have to try and make the best of a bad situation: more often than not, we grin and bear it. Other times, you learn to enjoy same small faces of your predicament. Nothing too elaborate, just an attempt to adjust priorities. Revolution starts at home, preferably in the bathroom mirror. Example? Winter always come too soon. This year was the worst I can remember, except when I was five years old. Pushed open the front door, got lost in the snow.

Venerdì 23 Febbraio 2007
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  • 2.06.2007

    In due parole:
    tre anni di lavoro, diciannove collaboratori - sei anni di attesa.
    Ti rubano un portatile con tutto dentro, e ci saranno delle copie, no?
    e ora?

    Hello All,

    Sorry for the delay in writing another update on the Ghost Wars/Missing Files shenaniganery. The news is bad, so I've been putting off writing it. May have more information later.

    Whoosh, here goes.

    As some of you already know, Fisher's laptop was stolen a few months ago in Toronto while on tour with Damien Jurado. It had all of our Ghost Wars Pro Tools sessions on it. Everything.

    At the time, he was pretty certain he'd backed everything up onto an external hard drive at his house in Seattle. So with fingers crossed, I stayed calm and waited more that two months to hear the word. During that time I felt good. I felt optimistic. I had a feeling all was gonna work out. Every day I told myself our songs were gonna BE ON THAT HARD DRIVE! Yay, songs! Ghost Wars songs! BOO!!! Ghost Warssssszzzzzzzz! Well, sad to say I was wrong.

    Here's the word. Gone. Everything is gone.

    Fisher returned home a couple of weeks ago only to discover that his external hard drive has mechanical problems and software corruption. This is about as bad as it gets. So I called Nate Mendel and had him put me in touch with a guy who knows a hell of a lot more about this kind of stuff than we do. At his suggestion, we sent the broken drive to a data retrieval center here in Los Angeles. Two days ago -in exchange for an extremely large sum of money we don't actually have- they were able to get the raw data off of the drive. But they weren't able to get the Pro Tools sessions. What does this mean?

    Pretty much...fucked.

    In a circumstance like this raw data is virtually useless. It's like being blindfolded and told to assemble a puzzle with 50,000 pieces...the only problem is- the 50,000 pieces are all painted black, they're all the same shape, and there is no photo to work backwards from. Raw data files have no distinguishing characteristics. Just raw files with numbers. You open each one up, you listen to it, and hopefully if you recognize what you hear...then you can say, "Oh hey, I recognize that snippet of sound."

    Other than that, there is nothing to provide any clues as to how, where, or when a file may have been part of a specific Pro Tools session/song. And, even if you recognize the sound, it is virtually impossible to link each file in the proper order in effort to actually reconstruct the song. The bpm's are all jacked, the overdubs are all wonky, the instrument tracks have lost their plug-ins, etc...

    Twenty-five songs and more than two years of our lives. More than 19 collaborators from around the country; people who gave their time and creativity out of a simple love of friendship and music. Countless thousands of hours and dollars gone. I'm feeling down right about now. Real low. Like a boxer who can't pull himself up off the mat. This music is/was my life for the last few years. Working on it, collaborating with our friends, and sharing it with others made life better, more fun. More worthwhile and unexpected.

    We have cdr rough mixes of most of the material. A few more of these unfinished songs may be posted eventually. At the very least, we should do that so that people can hear a bit more of what Ghost Wars was doing and where we were going with it. I am so proud of the effort and assistance our friends have given us over the last couple of years. None of the material 'as-is' on the cdr's sounds anything like it is ultimately supposed to, but so much of it is still so lovely and fun. As of tonight, I'm not sure what our plan is next. Maybe we'll start over. But how? Right now I have no idea.

    Have a lovely weekend, sorry to be the bearer of such dismal news. Thanks for being interested in our music, and thanks for your words of concern and encouragement. If any of you out there are genius-level data retrieval experts, or know any such people, please feel free to get hold of us; especially if you have any thoughts on ways we might be able to reconstruct the Pro Tools sessions.

    Much love & strength,
    Arlie/Ghost Wars