jr ewing interview

1. Your new record Maelstrom is about to come out, how as it been to work on
it? Did anything change for you since you’ve signed with a major label?
I’ve never had as much fun recording an album as with “Maelstrom”. It just
felt right from an early stage, we were experimenting and working with people that had a
whole new idea on how things should sound, and it has been an inspiring process. We had
the time for once to fully emerge ourselves in the making of an album, and not just
record it in a week and hope it would sound good.We had no intentions on signing to a
majorlabel in Norway until they came in when the record was almost done, and wanted to hear
some of it.When they heard it, they wanted to sign us, and it’s been a nice experience so
far. It’s ONLY for Norway, and as we live in such a small country, we wanted someone who
could make it available for everyone here.They had nothing to say on our music or anything
artistic. If that was the case, we wouldn’t even have talked to them. More and
more bands are doing what we’re doing, and it’s often just because band wants to be dealt
with professionally. There’s a lot of hocus pocus in the hardcore and indie-world,
sadly enough, which scares away a lot of bands.

2. What is your relationship now with GSL? Are you planning to release Maelstrom
through GSL in the states or stick with Columbia\Sony BMG?

We still love GSL, and still keep in touch with them. As far as who’s going to
release it outside of Norway, nothing is confirmed. It won’t be Sony, I think. We just
want someone who can spread it widely so we can tour full on.

3. When and by who is Maelstrom going to be released in the rest of Europe?
Hopefully this year.

4. You’re about to start touring with Maelstrom and for now you’ve posted on
your website dates for Norway only, are you going to do a full European tour, maybe after the
When the record is done, we will tour all over. We also want to go lots of
places we haven’t been yet, like Asia and Australia.

5. Since you’ve managed to put out a record with GSL and been able to tour the
US, have you ever thought about moving as a band from Norway to the US?

We’ve thought about it, as living in a desolate northern country really isn’t
the easiest place to get your music across, but we’ve seemed to manage it well so
far. The US has big plus-sides, but a lot of really negative ones too. I don’t think I could
live there, but touring there is cool. We’ll see what happens.

6. From what I’ve heard Maelstrom is kind of different from your past releases,
how was it like to spend two months in the studio recording this record? Was the
material already before entering the studio or did you end up writing in the studio?

We were kind of prepared, but things changed drastically in the studio too.
Especially vocally, our producer Mike and our singer Andreas bonded musically and
spiritually, making the vocal-side of JR Ewing a whole new aspect of our band. We’re
extremely proud in how things have progressed, and the fact we could indulge in the studio for 2
months was liberating. No clock on the wall, just the 6 of us trying to make the best
record we could possibly make.

7. In what do you feel Maelstrom is different from Ride Paranoia and your other
releases?Are you happy about the way the record has turned out to be?

Once they get “over” the fact that it’s more melodic, people will discover it
has the same nerve, honesty and energy as with every JR Ewing record. It’s just a
different way of channeling your emotions. It is a different record because it’s a better

8. How was it like to shoot a video for Fucking & Champagne? Did you have any
fun shooting it?

Shooting video is always lame, and it’s just all work and in the end it never
really looks the way you want it too. We did ours in one night, and it looks like one
nights work. Oh well, works for it’s purpose I guess.

9. What does Maelstrom mean?
That we can’t tell you. It’s a word you can look up in the dictionary, but
what it “means” is for you to find out.

thanks Erlend!

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