dirtywaves 3.1 (finalmente)


refused - liberation frequency
pixies - debaser
arcade fire – rebellion (lies)
juno – non equivalents
foo fighters – best of you
malady – tongue (like a serpent)
song of zarathustra – shakes in pain
circle takes the square – non objective portrait of karma
funeral diner – two houses
the miles apart – in search for light
agatha – my teacher plays in a metal band
afraid! – varenne, varenne!
xiu xiu – I luv the valley OH
fugazi – facet squared
the evens – If it’s water
the appleseed cast – on reflection
ghost wars – waves of blood

e in ultimo e per l'ultima volta, la vecchia sigla:
queens of the stone age - feel good hit of the summer.

che non si sapeva cosa dire, dopo così tanto.
viva fango, comunque.

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