non è tutto perduto. forse.
il fatto che qualcuno abbia avuto la genialità di lanciare una bottiglia in faccia al cantante dei Panic!at the disco durante il primo pezzo del loro set a Reading significa molto.
io sono dalla parte del tizio! (un po' come essere il bud spencer del punk rock, insomma)

"Panic! At The Disco frontman bottled on stage

It's an eventful start to the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival

Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie was hit by a bottle seconds into his band's set on the Main Stage at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival this afternoon (August 25).

Playing opening song 'The Only Difference Between Suicide And Martyrdom Is Press Coverage', the singer was struck in the face by a missle thrown from the crowd.

Urie immediately collapsed to the floor, forcing his group to stop the song.

The singer was then surrounded by his bandmates and roadies for several minutes before he managed to get back to his feet.

"You can't take me out," Urie shouted to the crowd, before adding "Lets see how well you guys do with my left side."

Panic at the disco then continued their set, picking up the opener at the exact point where they had suddenly stopped. (PLAYBACK? mah......)
grazie, sconosciuto.

ho trovato il video! (sì, sono nerd)

si aggiunge stima anche per quanto riguarda l'abilità balistica del tizio.
e per lui che continua a cantare anche dopo esser stato colpito . ihihih.

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