dirtywaves 3.31 (killing it in a quiet way)

refused - liberation frequency
orchid - and the cat turned to smoke
the ataris - i.o.u. one galaxy
the smiths - still ill
good riddance - slowly
manifesto jukebox - trail
pretty girls make graves - speakers push the air
minus the bear - women we havent met
yage - hertz
song of zarathustra - shakes in pain
modern life is war - d.e.a.d.r.a.m.o.n.e.s.
x mary - vado al mare
hot snakes - plenty for all
my bloody valentine - only shallow
jawbreaker - boat from the hill
minnie's - goofy
against me - sink, florida, sink

tutto tranne, il silenzio. ne manca una! poi un po' di silenzio.
l'ultima puntata fireworks. anzi everynight fireworks.

1 commento:

viole ha detto...

e ci siamo dimenticati i braid anche questa volta! eheh :)

mi raccomando però
the ataris - i OWE you one galaxy
good riddance -slowly